Why I am learning to code.

After reading the famed John Maeda’s annual “Design in Tech” report yesterday, I’ve made two resolutions:

  1. Create a blog to discuss key design trends / innovations.

Mr Maeda captures it beautifully in this abstract statement Technology x Design x Business = Always New Possibilities. Mission accomplished, and that’s the easy part, now I actually have to blog!

2. Learn to code.

An overwhelming 93.5% of the 370 designers surveyed were in favour of designers learning to code. The opinion is that while we are not looking to substitute for a developer, an understanding of coding helps a designer to bring their designs alive in simple prototypes (through simple manipulation of HTML, CSS, jQuery / JavaScript or indeed server language PHP) and more importantly, helps them to understand the limitations and practicality of the underlying structure.

Having researched my options, I have thus signed up for (free) introductory front-end web development courses at Udacity and plan to follow that up with courses from Codeacademy and Treehouse (free 14-day trial otherwise basic $US25 / month or pro $US49 / month). The aim to is to complete all three courses before my full-time, immersive UX Design course at General Assembly begins on 22 May 2017. Ambitious no doubt, but as always, I’m up for the challenge! Will chronicle my milestones, so wish me luck.

Useful references on learning to code:

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