How to quit your job and code (design).

Great book for non-techies like myself, who are transitioning into a techie role: “Quit Law and Code” by William Ha, a former lawyer who is now a minted software developer.

The book spoke to me, as the author’s experiences were eerily similar to mine. Mr Ha quit his job rather abruptly after a rather poignant incident at work, without any concrete plans as to how to proceed. I count my lucky stars that unlike him, I do not have massive student loans to repay nor any serious financial obligations to worry about as I am making the transition. His book provides a comprehensive guide on making that transition, with useful resources and interviews of other non-techies, who have either up-skilled or made that career change into technology.

Although Mr Ha’s book is intended for software developers, I found the book just as relevant for aspiring designers. What I found particularly inspiring, as someone who’s just starting her journey (and in sore need of assurance), Mr Ha puts forth compelling arguments for a career change: growth industry with good prospects; flexibility to work home or indeed, anywhere in the world; potential to build your own start-up; complements existing experience and skillset, a goldmine of material to write about and teach. All the very reasons why I’m making the transition, apart from the simple but effective push that it’s now or never!

Lastly, if you need any more convincing, just remember this maxim from Marc Andreesen, the famous software entrepreneur:

In short, software is eating the world.


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